Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome to the Neuwave Blog

Hello and welcome to the Neuwave Blog. We have just moved to Blogspot from Wordpress and we are excited to to launch the most informative Custom Electronics blog in North Carolina. We will cover TV's, Speakers, Lighting Control, Home Automation, Central Vacuum Systems, Receivers, Digital Media, iPods and much more! The purpose of our blog will take on 3 major functions.

1. Consumer Empowerment- we want consumers to be informed about new and evolving technologies for their homes and business'. We will provide timely and accurate information for consumers in order to help them understand what, how, and why to buy all kinds of products. From flat screen tv's to home automation systems, you will finally be able to comprehend the ever complicated world of consumer electronics(CE). In this changing economic climate making an informed decision is more important than ever. Trust the Neuwave Blog as your source for reliable and valuable information.

2. Current Projects- follow Neuwave and your neighbors. See what people in your town are doing to make their house the "coolest" on the block. From lighting control and home automation to ip camera systems and home theaters, see the latest technology in real world applications. We will clarify what the customers goals were and what type of system we used to achieve those goals.

3. Maximize your System- Do you already have a great system from Neuwave or another custom installer? Let us share our knowledge base with you about firmware updates, new ways to use your current equipment, or answer any questions you may have. We have over 60 years experience in the Consumer Electronic industry and we have been recognized by CEDIA as a top dealer and installer since 2003. Our techs are some of the best around and they would love to help you with any problems.

So, go ahead and sign up or just check back periodically. We also run monthly specials on all sorts of cool stuff, so if you sign up to our blog you can receive our monthly special email. (don't worry, it is really only 1 every month or so. I promise not to overload your mailbox with email)

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