Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Neuwave "Backs the Pack"

Neuwave recently teamed up with Wolpack Sports Marketing to help Brand our name and to show our company off to the Wolfpack Faithful. If you have been to any of the recent games you would have seen our name accross the jumbo tron when the "Get Loud" pops up on the screen. We have also dedicated some of our best systems to the Fan Zone. We have a booth with two 52" Sony TV's, an IP Camera, and a sweet rack system that everyone should have in their house. The Rack includes a Control 4 HC-300 home controller, Control 4 iPod Dock, Integra 30.1 A/V Receiver, Sony Blu Ray player, and a 7" Portable touch Screen for control. One of the TV's is dedicated to a Wii so people can try their hand at Kicking Field Goals, Throwing Passes, or playing any other sport they would want to play. Also on display was our structured wiring cans we put in most new homes which allow interactive services to meet in one location in your home.

There was a great showing at the opening game of the College Football Season. Many of the fans rolled through the fan zone to hear the live broadcast of 99.9 The Fan Radio Station as well as check out the Neuwave Booth and all of the cool toys. Unfortunately NC State could not pull out a win, but the day was a success. We are giving away a 52" Sony Tv and Control 4 Home control system to one lucky winner. The winner will be announced on the Tom Obrien show following the Florida State football game. The winner will be displayed on the jumbo screen during halftime of the NC State vs. Clemson Game.

If you are a N.C. State fan, make sure you come by the Fan Zone during the Clemson game and check us out. You can register to win the TV and controller at www.gopack.com and clicking on the promotions tab.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Neu Wave Systems chooses Klipsch as their Speaker Provider!

With more than a 1000 types of speakers and electronics out in the market today, Neuwave Systems chooses to partner with only the best electronics vendors to provide the very finest in quality and solutions.

Why Klipsch? Aren’t all speakers just the same? Although it’s true that 95% of all other speaker manufactures produce the same type of speaker. Klipsch is not one of them. Klipsch speakers are made differently.

What makes Klipsch speakers so different? Efficiency! A normal speaker is 1 to 2% efficient in design. This means 1 or 2% of the energy is used to produce sound while the remaining energy is heat. A Klipsch speaker is as high as 30% efficient.

So you are saying that Klipsch makes “Green” speakers? Yep, that’s right. Klipsch speakers take less Power to produce the same sound as other speakers. So even at lower volumes, you still here all the Details where you would normally need to turn up the volume with other speakers to hear the details. And if you have a rock and roller in the family who likes to crank up the music, WATCH OUT! You will soon have a concert in your living room. With some Klipsch speakers, such as the RF83 floor standing speaker, it only takes 63 watts of power to reach concert level sounds, while other speakers need 1025 watts of power to reach concert level sounds.

What makes a Klipsch speaker so efficient? A horn loaded tweeter!

Why Horn Tweeter? Let me tell you a little story.

Paul W. Klipsch, scientist and inventor, wanted to experience the emotion of a live symphony concert in his home. It was the early 1930’s and huge, horn-loaded speakers were appearing in movie theaters to deliver sound from low-powered tube amplifiers to large audiences. Yet, because those theater horns were as large as 9 feet long, they were impractical for home use. It was about this time Paul decided to apply his engineering “know-how” to determine the best design to meet his goal. (Did you know that Paul Klipsch is in the Science and Engineering Hall of Fame with two other people that have anything to due with audio, Thomas Edison and Alexander Gram Bell?)

An example of the size of many Speakers of Today include in wall, in ceiling,floor standing, in wall sub woofers and THX speakers

In his pursuit to design what eventually became the Klipschorn®, (Klipschorn is the oldest speaker that is still in production since 1946 and is still regarded as one of the best speakers made ever). Paul discovered many advantages to horn-loaded drivers, advantages that still hold true today.

Klipsch is bringing “Retro Back”

Paul’s studies led to the development of what is known as Klipsch’s Law: “Distortion is inversely proportional to efficiency”.

Typically, direct-radiating speakers (other brands) have about 16 times more distortion than Klipsch horn-loaded speakers. That distortion covers up details in music and movies… details that make the difference between just listening and actually experiencing the event. Klipsch speakers give you the details that lead to the Emotional involvement in the music or movie!

Now that you have a better understanding of the principle of “High Efficiency/Low Distortion”, the following are the benefits of owning Klipsch speakers.

Benefits of the Klipsch High Efficiency/Low Distortion Design:
- Low distortion brings out more details in music and movies
- Low distortion allows detail even at low volumes
- High efficiency takes less amplifier power for the same output
(Amplifiers sound best using their initial watts of power)
- High efficiency leads to wider dynamic range
- High efficiency leads to better transient response
- More amplifier power is produced as acoustic output, less is
produced as heat: higher power handling/better driver reliability
- Lifetime warranty on all architectural speakers that include outdoor speakers, rock speakers, in wall, in ceiling, and in ceiling sub woofers.

Klipsch has been a word of mouth company since 1946 and continues to put their money into research and development in the quest of producing the best sounding speakers in the world rather than advertising. Klipsch now has more market share than Bose, Polk and others according to the latest NPD data results. Klipsch is also the official speaker of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Orange County Choppers. Did you know that Klipsch is in 1 out of 2 movie theaters accross the country, and the technology used in those speakers is the same as what you can get from Neuwave!

Visit WWW.KLIPSCH.COM to learn more about why Neuwave Systems chooses Klipsch as their speaker vendor.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Sony Tv's with Internet Widgets and Deck Lighting.....the perfect Summer Staycation

Recently at Neuwave we offered an alternative for Family's foregoing the traditional vacation. With more people deciding to stay home for the summer we decided to offer discounts on installation for people wanting to have a Summer Staycation! If families have decided to stay home for the summer, why not let them enjoy their house. Spruce up your deck with lighting and upgrade your video system to enjoy movies from the comfort of your home.

This seemed like a great idea, and for the family featured they are enjoying the fruits of our labor. They added a 3 zone music system; porch, back deck, and dining room as well as surround sound, blu ray, and the new Sony W series TV to their family room. We also installed Deck Step Lighting, New Sconces, and a Street Lamp on their deck. Being in the backyard has become a whole new experience for this family. They also added an iPod Dock to expand the availability of music.

After visiting them last night, I can't decide if they like the outdoor kitchen more or the Internet widgets on the new Sony TV. The Bravia Internet offers access to a multitude on online channels. Watch You Tube Videos, old sitcoms, or cooking shows. You can also rent movies from Sony or Amazon from .99-4.99 for New Releases. Going to the video store will soon be in the past, so consumers will decide the best way to rent movies. I feel online connectivity is going to be the way of the future, but many application require an independent box to access a companies online library; i.e. Apple TV, Vudu, and Net Flix. Being able to have the same functionality with one less component seems like the best solution to me. With Direct TV now broadcasting movies in 1080p, it will not belong for everyone to follow suit. Wait and See.........

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speakers... With so many options, what do I do?

Have you recently thought about upgrading your sound system? As a normal consumer this can be a very tough decision. We all know that electronics we buy will be obsolete within 6-8 years. Speakers on the other hand, if researched correctly, should last much longer.

I compare purchasing speakers to purchasing real estate. I use the term real estate because you can buy an investment property or you can buy your dream home. As a disclaimer, this blog entry is for people looking beyond the theater in a box system. I had a great time in college at the University of Florida, but c'mon, it is time to step up. This would be comparable to a renter.

If you are a first time speaker buyer(i.e. first time home buyer) you are probably looking for a great value. You realize you are making an invstment, and you want that investment to give you satisfaction. For that reason there there are 3 major items to consider. 1. Sound Quality-this is always first in my mind, but that does not mean you need the ultimate sound. You want to get the best sound quality for the money you spend. Key factors to look for are woofer material and sound dispersion technology. 2. Look- being your first purchase, you may want to show off the speakers, i.e. towers or bookshelves. You may also want to take them with you to the next home you buy, considering that most people move every 3-4 years. 3. Price- obviously cost is an important factor in any purchase. If this is your first time, there is no reason to buy top of the line speakers. The receivers and amps you need to push those speakers will cost thousands of dollars, so wait until you are ready.

Well, you have got a couple of promotions now and you are ready to get the True Theater experience. You may have also just bought a bigger home and you want whole house audio. Time to show off your hard work with a house party. Let's take a look at the 3 major factors. 1. Sound Quality- with this purchase you really want to focus on mids, highs, and lows. Clarity is key. Weather you are listening to smooth Jazz or watching watching an action flick, you want to hear every available sound at a high quality. These type of speakers will offer very good volume dispersion, so when you are watching a movie you won't have the problem of not hearing dialect just so you don't get blown away with the action scenes. 2. Type of Speaker- do you want in wall or in ceiling speakers for asthetics or do you want an awesome design speaker that looks great with your furniture. It really depends on your interior design. A classic looking house is going to be more condusive to in walls or in ceiling speakers. A more modern look wall mounted or floorstanding. 3. Cost-again, your budget will come into play here. Most high quality systems in this range are going to be in the $3000 and up range for the speakers. Don't forget about the components you need to complement the awesome sound.

You have arrived! You just bought or built your dream home and want to complement it with an ultimate experience. You maybe an audiophile and want to hear the drop of a pin in a crowded room. Cost is the farthest thing from your mind, you really want the best of the best. I would recommend a few brands here. Klipsch, Speakercraft, JBL and B&W. There are many more great speaker companies but let's keep it simple. The three things to look for: 1. Box Design- you may want a custom box to fit in cabinets or to match your room design. A sleek mahogany or a deep black. You also want the driver to push all of the sound to your sweet spot. With an inferior speaker you lose sound if the box is not insulated properly. 2. Size- do you want to show off the speaker or the sound. If you are just trying to show off the sound there are high quality speakers available in small packages. 3. Sound Quality- the quality you get with high end speakers is impecable. There may be certain things you are looking for in your listening that will determine which speaker you get, so consult with a professional on this.

I have kept this somewhat vague, but this post could have gone on forever. Always "try before you buy" with speakers. Sound taste is not that different form taste buds. Things sound different for different people.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saving Time, Money, and Energy through Home Automation

The topic today is about Home Automation! What used to only be for the rich, is now available to most hardworking homeowners. The best part is that you can save time, money, and the environment by integrating your home. Home automation would be defined by Neuwave as the act of interconnecting your everyday functions into one system.(TV’s, Lighting, Temperature, Music, Movies, and Security) Think about your day: you wake up, turn off the alarm clock, turn on the lights, maybe turn on the morning news, go to the bathroom and turn on those lights, maybe turn on music or news in the bathroom, turn down the heat, get the kids up, arm the security system, and head to work; and that’s just the morning! What if you could have your house set to your lifestyle instead of your life set to your house?

Since money is the most pressing issue of the day, let’s start by how to save money with home automation. Your number one cost to run a home is of course……energy. By integrating your lights, you are able to make sure when you leave that every light in the house is off, or when you come home that not every light has to be on. Also, lighting control allows you to set the levels of each light when it comes on and you don’t have to burn it at full strength. We have seen people save $50-$100 a month just by adding lighting control. By integrating your thermostat, you are able to adjust your temperature from your remote control or even your computer if you are away.

Time is money, and more and more people don’t have “Time”. What if you could have extra time added into your life? Most of us end up in bed reading or watching TV; what if you could press one button and have your house “go to sleep”? No more getting up to turn off that pesky hallway light, or making sure the security system is armed. How nice would it be to wake up, and have the temperature just right, the coffee brewed, the news on, the weather report ready and the kids out of bed without any effort? Neuwave Systems can give you the time, it up to you what to do with it.

As you can see, by cutting down on energy consumption you have done your part to save the world. Every little bit helps and, and the best part is how easy it makes your life! When we design an Automation system we typically use Control 4; a very affordable system that allows you to be as simple or intricate as you would like. The best thing is that you can add more control as you go and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to learn the system. From Grandparents’ to Grandkids’ anyone can control the system. If you are wondering, the entry level package is $700, and that will control TV’s, Movies and Multiple Music sources with on screen navigator and a universal remote with LCD read out. If I can answer any questions, give us a call!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Great Team is the Key to Success

Wheather it is sports or business having a great team is the key to long term success. This is also true in remodeling or upgrading a home. If you are in the process of moving, remodeling, building, or upgrading your home there are keys to building a successful team.

First you must define what your role will be. Do you want to be the CEO or the General Manager? A CEO would most likely hire one person to be the General Manager or "coach" of his team. i.e.-hire a contractor who has all of the resources you will need. If your role is going to be the General Manager it will be up to you to form a "Team of Deliverables" that will exceed your expectations.

If you are like most people these days you will lean towards a GM role. It will save some money and allow you to have more input in the details of the project. As someone who just finished a remodel on a 1924 Bungalow(i was the GM), I found it invaluable to have the right players. An example is an interior designer. The upfront cost of having them design the kitchen and bathroom layout (about 1500) saved me from having to make changes throughout the project. Design Lines, an interior designer in Raleigh, NC, was great to work with. My wife has great taste and knew what look she wanted, but she needed someone to paint the picture. The did the CAD Drawings and elevations and the end result was perfect. The money I saved by being the GM also allwed me to upgrade my Audio and Video in the house. Of course I used Neuwave!

This brings up the next recommendation. Having your A/V System designed early in the process will also save you many headaches. Unless you truly understand low voltage wiring, there are a lot of mistakes that will cost you. For example, if you want to have IR control(infared) with a universal remote you will need Cat5e wire pulled to the correct locations. Also, do you want in ceiling or in wall speakers? The speaker wire needs to be pulled before the walls get painted. This is a very common problem that ends up costing the homeowner big. Drywall Repair, painting, plus double the labor to fish the wires. Also, planning your sytem early will allow you to know your budget better. A/V can add up, so have a consultation and set your expectations.

I think design is key with any project. To often people do not think a project all the way through; and that is why I think it becomes necessary to have the right players in the game at the right time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Which Flatscreen is right for you?

In the evolution of Television over the last 10 years, an age old question has just gotten to be more complicated. Which flatscreen is the right one? This entry is to help you make a more informed decision.

Obviously, cost plays a factor in any purchase, and I would always recommed setting a budget. Just remeber it is not just a TV you are purchasing. If you are trying to upgrade your picture you will need HDMI cables(79-199), a mount (99-599), and someone to hang it(250-500). You may also need a receiver to process the different siganls you want to send to the TV(DVD, Video Games, iPod, Family Video). Bottom line, understand that you may spend more on getting the TV to "look right" than you spend on the TV.

With Flatscreens running between $600(40") and $6000(65") it can be hard to navigate all of the subtleties of each brand, size, and features. So let's start with brand.


There are many different brands to choose from: Sony, Samsung,Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Phillips, and many more. If you are trying to buy a TV, I feel starting with the right brand is crucial. It is like buying a car. If you haven't heard of the company, there is probably a reason why. If you were looking for a compact car, would you go to a Yugo dealership or Honda? Also, there are may companies trying to make TV's these days, trust ones that have been doing it for years! An example of this is Olevia. They hit the marketing hard a couple of years ago and popped up in Sam's Club and Costco's accross the country. Where are they now? Out of business! But I promise you some people saved $100 from the comparable Toshiba, to bad if it breaks there is no one to call.

So now you have chosen your brand, next is size, and size does matter here! How big is the room the TV is going in? How far away will you be sitting while watching the TV? How high up on the wall will it be going? The standard height is 65" to the center of the TV from the floor, but in some cases(over a fireplace) that might be hard. You do not want to strain your eyes and neck to look at the TV. If your room is Narrow, bigger may be pixilated. If you buy a 40" and you are 15 feet from the screen it may be hard to see. I would receommend 40" from no more than 10' away, 46" for 10-15', and 50+ for 16' or more.

I have saves the best for last. Once you have narrowed down the brand and the size, the toughest choice is which model. I will document one brand (Sony) to explain the differences between the Sony at Wal-Mart and the Sony you could buy from Neuwave or Best Buy. Yes, wal mart sells a Sony TV and no it is not less expensive just because it is at Wal-Mart. They sell the lower end models. In this case the S-series. It differs from the one you could buy from Neuwave. We tend to sell the V-series and the W-series the most. Here are the differences. TV's are like computers. If you want a computer that has a fast processor, great programs already installed, and one that will not be obsolete in 2 years you pay extra. It is the same for TV's. The s-series has the Bravia 1 engine, less contrast ratio, less HDMI ports, and no network capabilities. Compare that to the W-series that has the Bravia 3 engine, 4 HDMI ports, internet connectivity to rent movies directly from the TV through Amazon, and 120hz processor. Sure they look similar on the outside, but we know it is what is inside that counts, especially for home electronics.