Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Sony Tv's with Internet Widgets and Deck Lighting.....the perfect Summer Staycation

Recently at Neuwave we offered an alternative for Family's foregoing the traditional vacation. With more people deciding to stay home for the summer we decided to offer discounts on installation for people wanting to have a Summer Staycation! If families have decided to stay home for the summer, why not let them enjoy their house. Spruce up your deck with lighting and upgrade your video system to enjoy movies from the comfort of your home.

This seemed like a great idea, and for the family featured they are enjoying the fruits of our labor. They added a 3 zone music system; porch, back deck, and dining room as well as surround sound, blu ray, and the new Sony W series TV to their family room. We also installed Deck Step Lighting, New Sconces, and a Street Lamp on their deck. Being in the backyard has become a whole new experience for this family. They also added an iPod Dock to expand the availability of music.

After visiting them last night, I can't decide if they like the outdoor kitchen more or the Internet widgets on the new Sony TV. The Bravia Internet offers access to a multitude on online channels. Watch You Tube Videos, old sitcoms, or cooking shows. You can also rent movies from Sony or Amazon from .99-4.99 for New Releases. Going to the video store will soon be in the past, so consumers will decide the best way to rent movies. I feel online connectivity is going to be the way of the future, but many application require an independent box to access a companies online library; i.e. Apple TV, Vudu, and Net Flix. Being able to have the same functionality with one less component seems like the best solution to me. With Direct TV now broadcasting movies in 1080p, it will not belong for everyone to follow suit. Wait and See.........

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