Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Neu Wave Systems chooses Klipsch as their Speaker Provider!

With more than a 1000 types of speakers and electronics out in the market today, Neuwave Systems chooses to partner with only the best electronics vendors to provide the very finest in quality and solutions.

Why Klipsch? Aren’t all speakers just the same? Although it’s true that 95% of all other speaker manufactures produce the same type of speaker. Klipsch is not one of them. Klipsch speakers are made differently.

What makes Klipsch speakers so different? Efficiency! A normal speaker is 1 to 2% efficient in design. This means 1 or 2% of the energy is used to produce sound while the remaining energy is heat. A Klipsch speaker is as high as 30% efficient.

So you are saying that Klipsch makes “Green” speakers? Yep, that’s right. Klipsch speakers take less Power to produce the same sound as other speakers. So even at lower volumes, you still here all the Details where you would normally need to turn up the volume with other speakers to hear the details. And if you have a rock and roller in the family who likes to crank up the music, WATCH OUT! You will soon have a concert in your living room. With some Klipsch speakers, such as the RF83 floor standing speaker, it only takes 63 watts of power to reach concert level sounds, while other speakers need 1025 watts of power to reach concert level sounds.

What makes a Klipsch speaker so efficient? A horn loaded tweeter!

Why Horn Tweeter? Let me tell you a little story.

Paul W. Klipsch, scientist and inventor, wanted to experience the emotion of a live symphony concert in his home. It was the early 1930’s and huge, horn-loaded speakers were appearing in movie theaters to deliver sound from low-powered tube amplifiers to large audiences. Yet, because those theater horns were as large as 9 feet long, they were impractical for home use. It was about this time Paul decided to apply his engineering “know-how” to determine the best design to meet his goal. (Did you know that Paul Klipsch is in the Science and Engineering Hall of Fame with two other people that have anything to due with audio, Thomas Edison and Alexander Gram Bell?)

An example of the size of many Speakers of Today include in wall, in ceiling,floor standing, in wall sub woofers and THX speakers

In his pursuit to design what eventually became the Klipschorn®, (Klipschorn is the oldest speaker that is still in production since 1946 and is still regarded as one of the best speakers made ever). Paul discovered many advantages to horn-loaded drivers, advantages that still hold true today.

Klipsch is bringing “Retro Back”

Paul’s studies led to the development of what is known as Klipsch’s Law: “Distortion is inversely proportional to efficiency”.

Typically, direct-radiating speakers (other brands) have about 16 times more distortion than Klipsch horn-loaded speakers. That distortion covers up details in music and movies… details that make the difference between just listening and actually experiencing the event. Klipsch speakers give you the details that lead to the Emotional involvement in the music or movie!

Now that you have a better understanding of the principle of “High Efficiency/Low Distortion”, the following are the benefits of owning Klipsch speakers.

Benefits of the Klipsch High Efficiency/Low Distortion Design:
- Low distortion brings out more details in music and movies
- Low distortion allows detail even at low volumes
- High efficiency takes less amplifier power for the same output
(Amplifiers sound best using their initial watts of power)
- High efficiency leads to wider dynamic range
- High efficiency leads to better transient response
- More amplifier power is produced as acoustic output, less is
produced as heat: higher power handling/better driver reliability
- Lifetime warranty on all architectural speakers that include outdoor speakers, rock speakers, in wall, in ceiling, and in ceiling sub woofers.

Klipsch has been a word of mouth company since 1946 and continues to put their money into research and development in the quest of producing the best sounding speakers in the world rather than advertising. Klipsch now has more market share than Bose, Polk and others according to the latest NPD data results. Klipsch is also the official speaker of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Orange County Choppers. Did you know that Klipsch is in 1 out of 2 movie theaters accross the country, and the technology used in those speakers is the same as what you can get from Neuwave!

Visit WWW.KLIPSCH.COM to learn more about why Neuwave Systems chooses Klipsch as their speaker vendor.

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